terra lana underfloor insulation
Terra Lana Underfloor Insulation

Terra Lana underfloor insulation is a wool blend and out performs other underfloor insulation products because of it’s ability to breathe (absorb moisture from air and ‘warm’ a room, and to release moisture and ‘cool’ a room). It is safe, healthy and it is environmentally friendly – so you know you are doing the right thing by specifying it.


Retrofitting and New Build Installation

Terra Lana’s under floor insulation is perfect for retrofitting in older buildings and offers outstanding performance in new structures.
Underfloor insulation is sold in standard width segment packs, or can be made to order for custom joist spacings. Lengths can be ripped by hand or cut for irregular spaces.


Terra Lana Underfloor Insulation Sizes and Pricing

UNDERFLOOR (roll width at 460mm for joists up to 450mm centres)
Product Type Thickness R-Value Bale Size Buy Price SQM
Terra Lana Under Floor 88mm R1.4 5.10SQM $0.00+
Terra Lana Under Floor 98mm R1.6 4.60SQM $0.00+
Terra Lana Under Floor 100mm R1.8 3.70SQM $0.00+
Terra Lana Under Floor 140mm R2.6 7.40SQM $0.00+



UNDERFLOOR (roll width at 580mm for joists between 450mm and 570mm centres)
Product Type Thickness R-Value Bale Size Buy Price SQM
Terra Lana Underfloor 88mm R1.4 6.40SQM $0.00+
Terra Lana Underfloor 98mm R1.6 5.80SQM $0.00+
Terra Lana Underfloor 100mm R1.8 4.60SQM $0.00+
Terra Lana Underfloor 140mm R2.6 9.30SQM $0.00+

*All Chatterblock acoustic insulation prices are ‘product supply only’ and exclude freight and GST (freight price available on application)


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